Established as PCB Automation Inc. in 1983 in Waterloo, Ontario, our company was created to capitalize on the reduced cost advantages resulting from the introduction of the Personal Computer.  We built software solutions for businesses where weighing and measurement represented fundamental components of their operation.  Our first clients were diverse but had a shared need for automated weighing and measuring applications such as Fleming Feeds, a feed mill and Beachville Lime, a lime mine.  Fleming Feeds purchased an automated feed compounding system that controlled material flow and weighing for the preparation of animal feed.  Beachville Lime purchased a truck scale ticketing system that tracked the material in the load, the company that was to be billed for the load, and the tare and gross weights of the vehicle entering and exiting a site.

During the first seven years of incorporation, PCB Automation Inc. developed and sold computer information system solutions to a number of vertical markets.  These included: the DYNAMIX™ Automated Compounding System, which was used to automate real-time material flow and batch weighing processes for plastics, animal feed, etc.; the PROCON™ Project Management System, which was used by construction and development firms for tracking project budgets, costs, etc.; and the GEOWARE® Waste Management Automation System.

In 1990, due to the requirement for bigger and more complex solutions in the waste management industry, we began to focus efforts on the development and sale of the integrated information solutions, focusing on solid waste management.  As a result, PCB Automation Inc. changed its’ name to align more tightly with our premiere product and became Geoware Inc.

The result of this focus is reflected in the GEOWARE Waste Management Information and Control System which represents over 30 years of ongoing, client-driven development.  The latest generation of the GEOWARE Waste Management Information and Control Systems solutions are used in managing a variety of activities in areas such as landfill sites, transfer stations, recycling depots, material recovery facilities, waste-to-energy facilities, composting facilities, waste and recycling collection services and transfer hauling services.  Our qualified and experienced team continues to service clients across Canada and the United States, to develop innovative solutions to meet the information and control needs of the evolving waste management industry.

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