Our Attended Scalehouse solution is highly flexible and scaleable to meet a variety of business and operational requirements.  This solution:


  • Controls the flow of traffic and material for incoming and outgoing loads;

  • Enforces consistency in business process and work flow during transaction processing;

  • Collects the necessary data during processing to complete transactions and provides managers with data required for long-term planning and operational decision making;

  • Supports a variety of transaction processing scenarios, including incoming commercial and residential loads and outgoing transfer loads;

  • Robust report manager built in for effective day-to-day reporting;

  • Supports a variety of business relationships, including drawdown and account customer relationships.

This solution consists of two core components: the Management System and the Operations System and can be deployed in operations ranging in size from a single, one lane site without a scale, to larger operations with multiple lanes, multiple scales and multiple sites.

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